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Membership Plans

We have introduced our own dental membership plans to reward and look after our patients who regularly visit the practice.
We have 2 membership plans:

  • The Essential Plan
  • The Gum Health Plan

Just look at what you can gain from becoming a member! See how cost effective this really is!

Essential PlanGum Health Plan
Examinations per yearx2x2
Hygienist visits per yearx2x4
Small X-rays
Priority Appointments
Evening & Saturday Appointments
Same day emergency
Dentist of choice
15% off private treatments*
Worldwide Emergency cover **
25% off Perio Chip Treatments
*Private Treatment Discounts
• Excludes dental implants, teeth straightening, teeth whitening and facial aesthetic treatments

These plans operate on a notional rolling yearly contract which means that if you cancel during your year (which starts from when you join the plan) you may be charged our normal private fees for any work/appointments you have had.

**Worldwide emergency cover

The key parts of the insurance are as follows (subject to change):

  • The patient is covered when they are away from home for any dental accident and emergency.
  • ‘Away from home’ is classed as anywhere worldwide outside of a 25 mile radius of the practice.
  • The patient is only covered for 90 days whilst they are away from home i.e. for a maximum of 3 months at a time. If the patient went on holiday for 3 months then come back for a day and went away again they would be covered.
  • The patient is covered by the insurance for as long as they are on the plan.
  • Patients can also claim back the cost of emergency call outs out of practice hours even if they are at home and within a local geographical area.
  • There is a £1,000 pay out if a patient is diagnosed with a mouth cancer (malignant)


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